Insomnia Cookies Introduces the Monster’wich from CookieLab!

Insomnia Cookies Introduces the Monster’wich from CookieLab!

July 23, 2020
Insomnia Cookies Introduces the Monster’wich from CookieLab!
This scary-good version of Insomnia Cookie’s cookie’wiches served MoNsTeR style. 
Insomnia Cookies' CookieLab’s dedicated mad scientists have been cooking up a monster creation. The Monster’wich is being let loose at Insomnia Cookies just in time for National Ice Cream Day on July 19th. What does MoNsTeR style mean? Insomnia is mashing up your favorite cookie and ice cream combo and sandwiching it between two more traditional cookies for ultimate terrifyingly delicious ice cream sandwich experience. The newest creation from CookieLab Research & Doughvelopment, the Monster’wich is only for the bravest of cookie and ice cream lovers. 

Monster’wich is 2 traditional cookies of choice with 1 scoop of ice cream (any available flavor) and 1 traditional cookie (any available flavor) mixed together in between to make a Monster-style cookie’wich. Up to two toppings can be added for an additional charge. Or the most daring of Insomniacs can take on a Deluxe Monster’wich, using deluxe cookies instead of traditional. 

The Monster’wich is here to stay, but don’t hesitate to try the Monster’wich out as, local delivery orders are delivered in Insomnia’s brand new cookie’wich boxes. Insomniacs will get the ultimate cookie’wich delivery experience with your ice cream and cookies securely packaged in one combo box with assembly instructions printed directly on the box. 

Insomnia Cookies Monster’wich Images HERE

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About Insomnia’s CookieLab Research & Doughvelopment
Insomnia Cookie’s CookieLab Research & Doughvelopment is Insomnia’s newest groundbreaking research and “doughvelopment” department. This test space is staffed with a team of dedicated mad scientists, chocoholics, makers, and bakers dreaming up drool-worthy desserts, baking warm, melty-licious menu items, and crafting craveable new cookie releases you can only get at Insomnia Cookies. And, in true Insomniac fashion, sleep just isn’t in their vocabulary, so expect non-stop cookie creations released throughout the year keeping you and your taste buds on a sweet, sweet roller coaster ride of unexpected flavors.